Children's Stories: Ramesh

RameshRamesh had to grow up quickly and at a young age. His father was an alcoholic with a history of unemployment; his eldest brother and sister moved to India from Nepal to try and earn money to help support the family.

Ramesh wanted to move away, too. As a young child, he had envisioned wonderful adventures in Kathmandu. Hoping to find a better life, he and his two friends ran away to the city when they were in the third grade. When they got to Kathmandu, however, they realized that it was not what they had hoped. They were very hungry, and felt helpless and afraid in the large city. Looking for a way to survive, Ramesh went with a labor broker who took the boy to a carpet factory to work.

Ramesh had worked long, back-breaking days in the factory for a month when he was discovered by GoodWeave inspectors on June 7, 2011. He was 12-years-old at the time. Today, 13-year-old Ramesh has renewed his studies at the LAB school, one of Nepal's premier private boarding schools. Ramesh now wants to become a doctor, and is very thankful to GoodWeave for supporting his education—and for returning his childhood to him.

Rescues like those of Ramesh are only possible because of GoodWeave's rescue, rehabilitation and education programs. Through GoodWeave's factory monitoring and inspection process, part of the best-in-class rug certification standard to which the organization adheres, GoodWeave is able to find and rescue children within mere weeks or months of the child starting to work there.