Children's Stories: Manju

ManjuTwelve year-old Manju grew up in Sajban, in one of Nepal's least developed districts. Although she was a very bright student, Manju's father took her out of school when she was in the sixth grade and sent her to work in a carpet factory. Manju was denied the right to go to school in order to help pay for her brother's private school education.

Manju was very angry with her father for sending her to work while her brother attended an expensive school. In the carpet factory, Manju felt very sad, ignored and neglected.

"My parents never want me to go to school. My brother is going to school but I have to work for my parents. I don't know why they are discriminating me," Manju told GoodWeave staff after being rescued on June 15, 2011.

With the support of GoodWeave, she is now enrolled in the LAB school, one of Nepal's premier private boarding schools. Manju says that she feels her fate has changed. She is thankful to have the opportunity to study at such a good school because it puts her closer to her dream to become a doctor one day. "I am very happy now and one day I will show my parents that I can do better than my brother. I would like to give many thanks to GoodWeave for supporting me," Manju told GoodWeave.