Children's Stories: Tanka

TankaTanka has had a rough life from the start. His mother died when he was just three-years-old, forcing him to live with his alcoholic and abusive father and step-mother. Unable to tolerate life in the violent household as he grew older, Tanka chose to go with a man to Kathmandu. He was sad that he had to leave school, but he never wanted to return to the life of constant abuse.

In Kathmandu, Tanka wove carpets for three months. On June 2, 2011, GoodWeave inspectors found 12-year-old Tanka and took him to the GoodWeave rehabilitation center.

At the center, Tanka's intolerable early life was apparent from his disruptive behavior. He got into many fights and bullied other children. He told the staff members that he felt like fighting when others teased him and when he felt hopeless. But as time went on, GoodWeave social workers saw improvement in Tanka's behavior from their patience and persistence in working with him. Tanka received the love and care from GoodWeave that all children deserve, but that he had never received at home.

Now, 13-year-old Tanka is excited to focus on his studies. He is unable to go home because of the likelihood of abuse, but is fortunate that GoodWeave can support him through its residential care program. "I am happy here and would like to continue my education," Tanka says. "If there was no GoodWeave then I have had to weave the carpet, which will ruin my life."