Children's Stories: Anjana

AnjanaThe eldest of six children, Anjana has spent most of her childhood helplessly watching her abusive father push the family deeper and deeper into debt because of his heavy drinking. The young Anjana bravely tried to meet expectations thrust upon her to become the breadwinner of her family, but did so at great costs, emotionally and physically.

Anjana was forced to leave school when she was in the second grade to become a dishwasher in a local hotel for a mere Rs. 500 ($9.30 USD) a month. Eventually, she was taken to a Kathmandu carpet factory by her aunt. Anjana faced very harsh conditions in the carpet factory. She had been working long, hard hours for two months when GoodWeave inspectors found her. Anjana was 12 years-old at the time she was brought to the Hamro Ghar rehabilitation center on July 6, 2011.

Anjana is now thriving in school and has reclaimed her childhood. "I am very much happy at the Hamro Ghar where I am getting the chance for reading, playing, sufficient meals, etc.," Anjana told GoodWeave staff. "I have more friends in this centre. I want to be a singer and dance in future." She loves to read and is admired by her friends for her spirit and accomplishments.