Children's Stories: Kumar

KumarKumar's future looked bright until he reached the fifth grade at his Sandu Dhunga village school in Nepal. His father, a construction worker, could no longer afford to support the family on his income so he borrowed money. When the family's loan payments substantially increased, his father pulled Kumar out of school to work and eventually sent him away with a carpet broker in order to pay off one of the loans.

Kumar was taken to Kathmandu to weave carpets. He worked long, hard hours and constantly wept because he missed his family, friends and village. After two months of working in the carpet factory, GoodWeave inspectors rescued 12-year-old Kumar and brought him to the GoodWeave rehabilitation center on Dec. 16, 2011.

Kumar at age 13 is now back at home, studying with his friends in the village school under GoodWeave’s long-term community based rehabilitation program. Kumar hopes to become a teacher in his village after his schooling.