Children's Stories: Gita

GitaGita was advancing steadily through her village’s tiny school with hopes of becoming a teacher when her father suddenly died. Her mother struggled to support the family of nine, but couldn’t earn enough. Gita was forced to drop out of sixth grade and move 50 miles west to Kathmandu. Gita would work for food and shelter in a carpet factory, her mother reasoned, and there would be one less mouth to feed.

Although Gita was sad to leave the terraced village, she was excited to live in the big city. But she quickly became bitter when she discovered the reality of her new life, forced to weave carpets in a dark room at a factory. She was surrounded by adults she didn’t know. After each long day of work, she wept in her bed and wished to rejoin her friends and family. Worst of all, she gave up on her dream to become a teacher.

After two months in the factory, Gita was discovered by GoodWeave inspectors on November 21, 2005 and was brought to Hamro Ghar, GoodWeave’s rehabilitation center. Now, in 2012, Gita attends one of Kathmandu’s finest high schools. She is back on track with her goal of becoming a teacher and is studying hard to pass her final exams with distinction. Alongside her studies, she pursues sports and other extracurricular activities.

“When I was brought to the GoodWeave center, my broken dreams got new hope,” Gita says. “I respect and love GoodWeave as my family, because GoodWeave gave me an education when my family couldn’t. I want to become a teacher and serve children like me.”