Spotlight On: Apeiron Design LLC

Lakewood, Colorado

For owner-designer Charles Livingston, the establishment of Apeiron Design LLC is just the latest step in his artistic evolution. My artwork, the painting, print and drawing, he explains, just seemed to enforce that I needed to go in the direction of rug design. Today, with a line of hand-tufted contemporary rugs that are extensions of his artwork and a portfolio of custom work, Charles is pleased with his choice, including his decision to join the GoodWeave certification program. As the owner of a small company, Livingston knew that he could have greater reach and social impact through this partnership.

Apeiron is Greek for "infinite possibilities," and that is how Charles sees his work. The designs of his rugs, a mix of New Zealand and Tibetan wools (and sometimes silk), reach broadly for inspiration. Charles is influenced by design elements as disparate as contemporary urban life, the American Southwest and the Baroque and other historical periods. One recent work, the "Big Doy" series, was inspired by a trip to a museum near Oslo, where Charles was struck by a particular Viking woodwork pattern. Another series, called "Arete," transforms the silhouette images of handguns into non-violent images using soft colors such as pinks, light blues and purples. Charles explains that Afghan war rugs and other carpets coming out of countries in conflict often use images of tanks, planes and guns. "Im not only looking historically at weapons for the design. I think the initial inspiration was living in Philadelphia with its high crime areas."

Charles has traveled widely, including time spent in Brazilian favelas (slums). "Ive seen young children working in terrible conditions. You see that," he says passionately, "and you know it just is not right!" Livingston feels the choice of rugs as a medium for his art opens a door to a profound possibility of changing the world and creating cultural understanding. "I design something, but they, the weavers, translate it. Their craft is as important as what I am doing. I am reaching across the world in partnership," and, he says, "GoodWeave is the very best way to effect change in the industry."

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