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The Rug Company was founded in 1997 by Christopher and Suzanne Sharp, and has since grown to become the leading name for contemporary handmade rugs. Bringing together traditional craftsmanship and original design, the company is committed not only to making beautiful rugs, but also to ensuring that its production is sustainable and ethical.

Each rug is entirely handmade, from the spinning of the yarns to the weaving on the loom. It is unique and has been crafted by weavers in Nepal whose skills have been passed down through generations. The Rug Company use only the finest natural materials, which are processed by hand to preserve their unique properties.

The process has changed little for hundreds of years and The Rug Company take great pride in being able to support this wonderful craft. It is a collaborative effort of many highly skilled artisans, whose ancient techniques come together with modern design to create a contemporary artefact of the highest quality. A handmade rug offers excellent durability thanks to its quality yarns and weaving techniques. They are easy to look after and, with a little care, should last a lifetime and longer!

The Rug Company is proud to be a longstanding member of Goodweave, and one of its largest licensees. In addition to this, the company continually strives to improve the rug making industry both environmentally and ethically. The issue of child labour is central, Christopher Sharp explains, but not the only issue. "There are so many issues that this is a work in progress. We just need to keep doing more. We're counting on GoodWeave to help us."

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