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West Vancouver, British Columbia

As a child growing up in Germany and spending after-school helping out in his father’s rug business, Bijan Koukpari had a natural interest in design. As he puts it, "I think I just absorbed the business." That early involvement combined with an interest in architecture and development led to the founding of Satia Art + Floor in Vancouver. Founding a company that makes one-of-a-kind hand-knotted carpets from Nepal was a natural fit. Natural, too, was Bijan's decision to collaborate with GoodWeave®. "I believe the world can change with education," he explains. "Wherever there’s education, people develop, and GoodWeave is investing in children by putting them in schools."

Bijan's education in the rug business in Germany and Canada took him deeper into the study of natural products and the intricacies of dyes and color. Today Satia Art + Floor creates rugs in more than 130 colors. "It's a big challenge to produce just the right color," he says, but the subtle difference of each dye pot is one of the factors that makes each rug unique. Using mohairs, silks and wools, Bijan creates unusual textures. Though he acknowledges he may have been more emotionally involved with his designs when he was younger, he still responds to a unique and texturally luxurious rug. "I have a deep respect for natural products and for the complexities of the design."

Satia Art + Floor rugs are in public and private spaces from Alberta to Australia. Three components make customers happy, according to Bijan—uniqueness, quality and design. "People like a story about the carpet," he says, and part of the story of Satia rugs is that they are made without the use of child labor, which is important to Bijan. "I'm a creative person, and creative people are against destruction. If people are living in misery, that is worrisome. The GoodWeave certification program is a way to improve that condition."

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