Spotlight On: Driscoll Robbins

Seattle, Washington

Driscoll RobbinsDriscoll Robbins opened his shop in Seattle in 1997. The child of parents in the antique carpet business, Driscoll has created his own vision. By focusing on the most creative producers in the business, Driscoll's mission has always been to elevate the art of weaving. Emphasizing the weaver as artist is partly what drew Driscoll to GoodWeave®. Many consumers "have no idea how much time and work goes into creating a hand woven carpet and are disconnected from the people involved in the process. By ensuring that certified rugs are made by skilled adult artisans, GoodWeave reminds us not to take the weaver for granted."

Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets combines over three decades of family experience with a fresh, modern eye for simple, spontaneous design and natural colors. Its GoodWeave certified rugs, including Lapchi, New Moon and Odegard, are woven with superior wool and dyes and celebrate the character of the individual weaver.

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