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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nordic Home Interiors is an importer of high-quality home furnishings and interiors, custom designed with a Nordic touch. Products include Nordic country-style furniture, accent accessories, woven wall hangings and hand-knotted rugs with traditional designs. These fine products are handcrafted in Norway, except for the hand-knotted custom rugs, which are made in Nepal in factories certified child-labor-free by GoodWeave®.

The company was founded by Orlyn and Marit Andol Kringstad of Edina, Minnesota, who have strong connections to Nordic culture. Orlyn's background includes six years living and working in Norway in data management and 12 years as chief fraternal officer for the insurance organization Sons of Norway. With most of his extended family in Norway, and his long association with business in Norway, he found that the transition to export/import between Norway and Minnesota made perfect sense.

Marit spent numerous childhood summers in Norway visiting her grandparents and extended family. She attended Augustana College in South Dakota and participated in a social justice-oriented program at the University of Oslo. Her earlier professional career was devoted to children. A licensed social worker, Marit has served in various positions, including director of social services for 15 years at Plymouth Christian Youth Center in north Minneapolis. Marit’s Norwegian roots, along with her deep commitment to children, made for a natural transition into Nordic Textiles and Furnishing and the GoodWeave certification program.

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