Spotlight On: The Rug Seller


Founded in 2003 by Daniel Prendergast, The Rug Seller is one of the UK’s leading rug specialists with a large distribution warehouse and showroom, and over 20,000 rugs available online.

Daniel’s passion for rugs first began on a small market stall at Stockton Market in County Durham. The huge success of his humble market stall led him to realise the potential his business held and thoughts of expansion began.

He noticed an opportunity with the rise of the internet, and realised he would be able to effectively expand online to offer his rugs to a much wider audience - and so The Rug Seller was born.

The Rug Seller opened the possibilities to sell a wide variety of rugs all across the world, and reaching people that the market stall couldn’t. Daniel strives to offer the widest range of high-quality rugs online at the best prices, and doesn’t forget his market stall beginnings. Social responsibilities are taken seriously. The Rug Seller is a proud supporter of GoodWeave and encourages all manufacturers to help improve working conditions of the weaving industry and stamp out the use of child labour. The Rug Seller stocks a large variety of GoodWeave labelled rugs with Designer brands Esprit and Jacaranda.

Due to the close customer relationship that came from the market stall, customer service remains at the heart of the business, ‘We are constantly listening to our customers to understand their needs and concerns when purchasing a new rug, to ensure our service meets our high expectations.’

The Rug Seller’s aim is to be the leading company for rugs, through the mix of competitively priced products set alongside exceptional customer satisfaction.

The Rug Seller strives to keep their finger on the pulse of the interior design world, to offer the best advice and inspiration to help you style your home. With new rugs released every week, the new trends, styles and materials are never missed from The Rug Seller’s eclectic mix of rugs.

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