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Simon Goff’s path to flooring enlightenment may not appear the most direct, but the end result is much the richer for it. Having worked in interior design, adventure travel, an innovation company and the record industry, Simon joined his father’s flooring company, setting up one of the first shops in Chelsea’s Duke of York Square, London. The father and son team were then tasked with the launch of Heal’s new carpet and rug department at its flagship store in London. Seven years later Floor Story was born.

Today, Floor Story has established its own collection of limited edition rugs, a bespoke rug service and flooring from the most stylish brands across the world.

Simon’s passion for individuality, culture and creativity is brought to life in the Designer Collection he has created in partnership with discovered designers such as Kangan Arora, Rob Pybus, Oliver James Mayes and design duo Sunny Todd.

Each rug is woven by hand and strictly limited to 20 in number. Sourcing the very finest wool yarn and collaborating with makers of the highest repute, Floor Story produces each rug to order, using the amazing abilities of Indian weavers to recreate each design with faithful clarity. Simon’s fundamental appreciation of his weavers’ skills led him to GoodWeave and the first Floor Story rugs to be certified are those designed by Sunny Todd: “The provenance of our rugs is already charted digitally; being able to include an assurance of ethical production is equally important.”

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