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Honolulu, Hawaii

Kaypee SohBased in Honolulu, Somace Design creates rugs with a sense of Hawaiian family spirit—'ohana—and a modern Pacific feel. A family venture between designer Kaypee Soh (pictured at right) and managing director Edward Macey, Somace has grown from a small local rug boutique to a nationally recognized business whose lush, colorful rugs are in demand from coast to coast. By partnering with GoodWeave®, Somace further embraces the spirit of 'ohana by ensuring that its rugs are free of child labor and woven only by skilled adult artisans.

Kaypee and Edward moved to Hawaii in 2004 from New York City in search of a small community, a relaxed lifestyle, and a deeper connection to nature. After initially running a successful graphic design firm in Honolulu, the two founded So'mace at the urging of local interior designers who loved Kaypee's eye for color and pattern.

Today, Somace creates rugs that embody their connection to family and nature. Given the people-first values behind their business, partnering with GoodWeave was a natural choice for Kaypee and Edward. "GoodWeave helps us ensure that local artisans are taken care of," Edward says. "Thanks to GoodWeave’s factory inspectors, we know that all of our weavers in India and Nepal are ethically employed."

Indeed, it takes a skilled artisan to create the inviting sense of relaxation that defines Somace rugs. The rugs are inspired by the natural beauty of the islands' flora and fauna, rain and earth, and hills and valleys. And of course, the ocean—Kaypee's designs use silk to create an aquatic feel, adding movement and reflection to patterns like Waves and Fern.

All Somace rug designs can be customized in size or color to match a client's interior. But Kaypee goes even further—he partners with both retail and trade clients to fine-tune the location and scale of the rugs' design elements. He can position a winding trail of ferns to create a path into a room, or make the size of woven hibiscus flowers harmonize with furniture.

Somace has built a loyal following far beyond the Pacific, helping clients bring the spirit of the islands into their homes, whether in New England or the Gulf Coast. And since every Somace rug is GoodWeave certified, the peaceful feel it imbues a space comes with the peace of mind that it was ethically made.

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