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We want to introduce you to someone very special. On May 3, we rescued this young boy. When you look in his eyes, you can tell that Dorje has lived beyond his years. Dorje is 12, on the verge of becoming a teenager, and yet has already been trafficked across borders and worked as an animal handler at a brick kiln in Nepal.

Dorje is the very first child we rescued since expanding our work beyond the carpet sector. He is now staying and studying at Hamro Ghar ("our home"), our transit home in Kathmandu.

This summer, Dorje was featured on a PBS NewsHour report that looked inside Nepal’s brick industry and the country’s efforts to rebuild.

In the weaving communities where GoodWeave has promoted child protection and education, as well as decent work for adults, behavior and values have changed. Previously unquestioned problems of discrimination, access and outright slavery are now openly discussed and rejected. This is what eliminates child labor within and beyond supply chains.

By expanding to just a few more product categories, GoodWeave and its partners can establish new business norms and achieve societal shifts that result in the “undoing” of the core factors that lead to child labor.

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Meet Dorje

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