A million knots make up a finely crafted rug—but only GoodWeave’s child-labor-free label makes a rug truly one in a million. There is no substitute for the quality and craftsmanship a skilled adult weaver uses to create the million or more knots in a hand crafted 8' x 10' rug. GoodWeave certified rugs are available in a wide range of prices, sizes, styles and designs, from more than 125 leading rug companies and designers, and in over 1,000 online and retail outlets and showrooms around the world.

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Spotlight On Importers/Designers

Consider this one simple fact. It tells you a lot about Petra Singh and her rug company, New York-based Equator Production. The very first weaving facility that she and her late husband Ranbir Singh chose to use for their unique artist-designed carpets was the charitable workshop of the Dalai Lama. “From the beginning we never wanted to use child labor and from the beginning we always wanted to give something back,” she says of the couple’s first venture into the rug business in 1985. More than three decades later, she says her partnership with GoodWeave © helps reinforce her mission to make sure that the process of Equator’s production is as “beautiful” as the products.

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Spotlight On Retailers

Jack and Merikay Green

When Dallas-based Interior Resources opened over 35 years ago, it was solely a commercial contract flooring company. Eight years later, owners Jack and Merikay Green restructured their business into a design trade flooring showroom. Since then, they have developed into a highly respected designer resource for exclusive carpet and rug lines.

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Modern or traditional? Hand-knotted or flat-weave? Natural or synthetic dyes? Purchasing a handmade rug can seem daunting at first. But with a little expert guidance, you'll be able to find the perfect rug for your style, budget and values.
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