GoodWeave Strengthens Tradeshow Presence

GoodWeave Pavillion at Domotex

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GoodWeave’s recent appearances at major industry tradeshows are on the upswing. Whether at Decorex, DOMOTEX, Atlanta or Heimtextil, the GoodWeave presence is making an impact for licensees and the mission.

At DOMOTEX in Hannover, GoodWeave set up a full-out pavilion hosting a number of licensees’ booths. At the huge Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt and at Decorex in London, very busy GoodWeave booths promoted the mission, membership, and label to some of the world’s most important interior designers and architects. In Atlanta, GoodWeave’s executive director, Nina Smith met with GoodWeave licensees.

In short, says Erika Kurtz of New Moon who had a booth in the GoodWeave Pavilion at DOMOTEX (and won the show’s “Best Modern Design Superior category), GoodWeave’s visibility at these tradeshows is “good for the mission and good for the partners! “The fact that our companies are visually associated with GoodWeave at the shows (via the booth or signage) makes a big difference in engaging potential clients! It’s a leg up on the competition.”

And a competitive edge isn’t all GoodWeave provided for its licensees. Interior Resources’ Paige Sowden, a trade show first-timer who was also at the most recent DOMOTEX, says having a booth in the centrally located GoodWeave Pavilion was a big boost—practically and financially. Very important for her, as well as for her fellow licensees in the GoodWeave Pavilion, was the special GoodWeave-organized attendee discount. The preferred rate afforded to GoodWeave members allowed them to participate in this high-priced, high-end show and display their rugs to a global audience. “The discount made it cost effective for me to try something new like going to this show.” And, she says, even simple things like getting to know other GoodWeave members, having snacks available in such an intense environment with barely time to get away for a sandwich, and the overall feeling of camaraderie were highlights.

Tina Mirza, tm interior’s founder and designer, is a trade show aficionado, but as part of the GoodWeave Pavilion, she had the added opportunity not only to show her rugs at a carpet-only event, but also to talk to the visitors to her booth about the importance of GoodWeave certification. For Tina, simply having a platform to speak with people about GoodWeave had personal significance. “I think that the GoodWeave presence should be a standard at carpet/rug exhibitions. We need to keep raising awareness!”

Custom Cool’s Eliza Gatfield—a finalist in the Studio Artist Rug Design category at this year’s DOMOTEX agrees. Knowing there was a considerable GoodWeave presence at the show meant a lot. It was her first time at such an event and it was, she said, a bit overwhelming, so she was “thrilled” to see the GoodWeave team hosting its first-ever GoodWeave Pavilion. She says having Scott Welker, GoodWeave’s director of business development, available to show her around was great. And “seeing the other GoodWeave licensees was like having family there!”

It was clear from these early experiences of increased visibility at tradeshows that a GoodWeave presence, whether in an exhibitor booth or in the GoodWeave Pavilion, adds to the upbeat atmosphere of the shows, reinforces the idea of GoodWeave as a global force for good, and benefits the licensees who participate in both convenience and cost. “The shows are a great time to connect with fellow licensees and potential partners,” Nina Smith explains. She says the team is looking forward to organizing more GoodWeave-sponsored events, especially GoodWeave Pavilions, to showcase GoodWeave members at these significant industry tradeshows.

For more information on GoodWeave’s participation in industry trade shows and on access to preferred rates, please contact Scott Welker at

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