Project Muskan: Weaving a Brighter Future

Child ReadingTwelve-year-old Monish used to watch with disappointment as his friends left for school. With four siblings and the government school far from his village in Varanasi, Monish’s father could not afford his eldest son’s education. This all changed when GoodWeave launched Project Muskan (meaning “smile” in Hindi).

Countless families like Monish’s exist in India’s northeastern weaving communities. Children are forced to stay at home to help their parents on the looms because classrooms are literally out of reach due to their remote location as well as the prohibitive cost.
In 2010, in partnership with Human Welfare Association and The Global Fund for Children, GoodWeave was able to reach Monish and over 200 children like him. They are now enrolled in non-formal education centers, which offer an accessible and accelerated learning program for kids from impoverished and illiterate weaving communities, most of whom are from marginalized castes.

These non-formal education centers are just one of the effective interventions that GoodWeave has spearheaded over the years along the carpet belt of South Asia. GoodWeave provides an array of social programs, from rescue, rehabilitation and education of exploited child laborers to mobile health clinics, day care services and adult education for weavers. The goal is to prevent vulnerable children from ever working in carpet factories while also ensuring that once a child is rescued, he or she is never exploited again. 

With generous philanthropic support from Procter & Gamble, GoodWeave is enrolling an additional 420 children in these non-formal education centers by 2011. “P&G is committed to improving life for children in need around the world through our Live, Learn and Thrive cause,” said Brian Sasson, Global Manager for P&G Social Responsibility.  “We’re proud to support the work of Goodweave in India to benefit children who, tragically, might not otherwise experience a childhood.” 

Monish is no longer disappointed: “Now when I am studying, I feel very confident and happy.”  To read more stories of children whose lives have been transformed by GoodWeave, click here.

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Children's Stories

At the age of five, Manju was already working on the rug looms. While she has since been found and freed from illegal carpet work, some 250,000 children throughout South Asia still toil in obscurity. Through GoodWeave nearly 3,600 kids like Manju have been rescued, rehabilitated and educated, and thousands more deterred from entering the work force.

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