Policies and Procedures

As a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, GoodWeave adheres to international Codes of Good Practice, which include promoting transparency and stakeholder engagement. This includes making available online GoodWeave's policies and procedures for public review and comment.

Terms of Reference describe the composition, roles, responsibilities and general working principles of the various bodies and divisions of GWI:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) direct the work of the GWI secretariat:

These organizational documents are available publicly to stakeholders for review and comment. Please click on the title of the document for more information and to submit comments online, or contact comments@goodweave.org. Additional information is available to interested parties upon request. Click here to download a log of comments/complaints.

Stand with Sanju

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You can help us end child labor and transform the lives of the thousands of children trapped in carpet work by making a tax-deductible (USA only) donation today. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Children's Stories

At the age of five, Manju was already working on the rug looms. While she has since been found and freed from illegal carpet work, some 250,000 children throughout South Asia still toil in obscurity. Through GoodWeave nearly 3,600 kids like Manju have been rescued, rehabilitated and educated, and thousands more deterred from entering the work force.

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ISEAL Alliance

ISEAL Alliance member

GoodWeave is a full-member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards whose Codes of Good Practice are seen as global references for developing and implementing credible standards.

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By partnering with GoodWeave, interior designers, retailers and importers can make a difference while growing their business.