Children's Stories

Read about kids rescued from child labor and other GoodWeave beneficiaries. Instead of spending long days for little or no pay working on weaving looms, they are attending school preparing for their futures.

Gwen and Thila
"What stays with me is the kids running to my room every day in the morning—their faces and smiles," recalls Gwen Straley, upon her return from volunteering with GoodWeave Nepal. The images of the children remain vivid in her mind's eye.
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The following letter was sent to us by 13-year-old Sandesh, a former child laborer rescued by GoodWeave.

My name is Sandesh. I am 13 years old. I used to work long days in a carpet factory but fortunately a GoodWeave inspector rescued me one year ago and now I am in school.

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Maili was born in Ramban, Bara district, in the mid-region of Nepal. The strained smile on her face developed five years ago when she became an orphan. Her mother died during childbirth and out of grief her father committed suicide.
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The following letter was sent to us by Narayan, a former child laborer rescued by GoodWeave.

I know the problems of working children as I worked for about eight years as a child laborer in the carpet industry. I have the answers to questions like: What work do children do in carpet factories and for how long do they work? How much are they paid for their work? What are the reasons behind child labor?
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Manju Karki
Manju Karki was permanently injured from working as a child on looms in Nepal, but today she is a young activist who has been inspired by the founder of GoodWeave to help other children escape child labor.
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Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar has a thriving sewing business. Students who attend GoodWeave schools wear uniforms tailored by Raj and his staff—a uniform that Raj himself once wore when he attended a GoodWeave rehabilitation center. His story is remarkable because he comes from an extremely poor family. His mentally disabled father was barely able to look after Raj and his four brothers and sisters, which is why Raj started weaving carpets when he was a child.
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